She’s gonna be three this year.


so this is what I look like now. new hair and things.

been going through some stuff. Working long hours and doing a lot of things while trying to sort myself out but it’s hard and I cry a lot more than I should. I dont really know much what to do anymore, or how to function. It kinda sucks.

really, really sucks.

LOL I haven’t been on here in ages but I randomly got a message so there’s that.
In news, I broke up with Josh a while ago because he turned into a hugely abusive jerk and he was stalking me too. I had to remake my tumblr cause it got so bad.
I got this dude that I kinda sorta like a lot and have major feelings for. And we’re dating.
I’m still nannying, I watch another person’s kid three days a week too.
Wiley got put to sleep.
I was in Belize for a month, I spent Christmas there! I had so much fun.
But yeah, if anyone wants my new blog and stuff, I’ll message it to you.

bob-loblaw-law-blog replied to your photo:“also I just recently(as in Saturday) changed my hair color and it’s…”
your hair is always perfect and wTF??? sO ARE YOU


also I just recently(as in Saturday) changed my hair color and it’s fantastic.

are you going to unfriend him?? it’s kinda iffy

He hasn’t been on my friendlist for a few months. I can’t remember if I deleted him or if he deleted me. Probably I’m the one that did it, cause I really didn’t care to see him on my newsfeed if we weren’t even going to have a friendship, honestly. (he added me before I met Josh, I think when before the beginning of the year? I don’t remember)

overdose of Jocelyn pictures today.

my eyebrows just flew off my face he’s MARRIED

YES CAUSE REMEMBER when we started liking each other he was 19 and I was 16? I remember when we started talking cause it was February and all that valentines day bullshit. and it’s been two years since then!

BUT YES and honestly I can’t blame him his wife was adorable and he was in the army doing nursing and stuff? so yeah. nice for him but it was weird cause he just out of the blue added me on facebook and never even said hello so idk.

oh good god no. no no no no nO DID HE SAY ANYTHING ABOUT JOSH

lmfao NO WE NEVER EVEN TALKED? and the funny thing is when he added me he was engaged??? and then married shortly after. then a few months later expecting a baby and I just. okay. I don’t remember if I removed him from my friends list or he deleted me but idc we’re not friends anymore ~shrugs~.

also occasionally the douchedick before I met Josh? y’know, the ugly-ish older one? he pops up on my dash occasionally and I just. nope. noooopppee.

Such bad decisions I made.

whenever I end up thinking about my failed internet ~romances~ I want to just erase it all from my memories ugh.

I am queen of perfect hair and adorable faces.

so hah.

forever living with a hair dye stained face.

forever living with a hair dye stained face.


hello 911 yes i touched wet food while doing the dishes i’d like surgery to remove my hand

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i always have dark circles under my eyes even if i get like 14 hours of sleep maybe if they get dark enough i can persuade a band of raccoons to accept me into their clan

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